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About Knifemaker Petr Dohnal

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Petr Dohnal and his son Peter have been making knives for 21 years in their home country of the Czech Republic. Working as a computer graphic designer, he realized he wanted to build something with his hands, so he chose to make custom knives.

As with many makers, his favorite part is forging the blades, usually Damascus. In addition to making his own steel, he uses Elmax, Vanadis 8, and M390, as well as others. He understands that the knife’s intended use will often determine the steel best suited for specific environments or tasks. He primarily makes hunters, Bushcraft, and camp knives.

His handle material(s) of choice are natural ones. He likes stabilized wood and antlers for his knives. I find Petr’s knives a joy to hold in your hand…sleek, well-made, superior balance, and handle ergonomics. Take a look at Dohnal Knives on RCC!

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