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Yes, knives listed as “Incoming” may be purchased prior to us receiving them. We have been asked several times, “Why is it that knives listed as “Incoming” do not become available for sale on your website?” Excellent question. We started the incoming aspect of Robertson’s Custom Cutlery to let customers know in advance what was on order that soon would be available. Apparently, we have not made it clear to everyone that these knives may be purchased prior to arrival. When you pre-order a knife, it is drop shipped directly to you from the knife maker allowing you to get the knife 5-7 days sooner. If interested, simply email customknives@comcast.net or call 706.650.0252 to complete the order.

On the front page of our website we have incorporated a section called, “In Case You Missed It.”

This section shows photos of knives that were listed as incoming and were purchased prior to their arrival to Robertson’s Custom Cutlery. All of these knives make by different custom knife makers may be re-ordered. When you have some free time, you may want to take a look at this section even if it is only to see some spectacular knives.