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Custom Knives Buying Guide- the only book ever written to help the custom knife collector for only $15 shipped.

The phrase most uttered by custom knife collectors with regards to their knife purchase is; “I buy what I like.”  As it is your collection and your money, this is as it should be.

That said, often collectors will find themselves in circumstances where they will want to sell or trade a knife.  It is at this crossroads where the choices you made when buying what you like, will be put to the test.

This is where the axiom, “you pay to go to school” comes into play.   You bought what you liked, but what if other people don’t feel the same way about your choice?

The Custom Knife Buying Guide is the only book ever written to help the custom knife collector.

custom knives buying guide v3 Les Robertson | Robertson Custom Cutlery


When buying a custom knife, you should purchase what you like, but there are things you should consider before your purchase.  Allowing you to get the best knife for your money.   While at the same time helping the chances, your knife will hold its value, should the time come you would like to sell or trade it.

You may want to choose a different path before you buy your next custom knife.  Have you considered how design, materials, and price will figure into a knife’s desirability in the aftermarket?

  • Do you understand how trends work?
  • What about the cyclical nature of the custom knife markets?
  • Materials? Are they just a trend?
  • The maker’s position in the market? When it comes to pricing, yes, it makes a difference.

This book was written by Les Robertson, owner of Robertson’s Custom Cutlery, Field Editor for Blade Magazine and Instructor at Blade University.  The Custom Knife Buying Guide encompasses 32 years of experience in the buying and selling of custom knives.

Price: $15.00 with FREE SHIPPING – IN STOCK