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About Knifemaker Szymek Szlagor

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Szymek Szlagor has been making knives since 2017 in his home country of Poland. Building a knife for himself led to building knives for his friends. And this led to him becoming a full-time knife maker. His favorite part of making his knives is the forging and machining of carbon steel and Damascus. He prefers 5160 carbon steel and combining K720 and 15n20 to make his Damascus.

His handle material preferences are natural materials such as stabilized wood and antlers. For his everyday carry (EDC) knives, he prefers to use Micarta. He feels that making knives is a beautiful job. He is taking a piece of steel, giving it shape, and improving it till it becomes a tool that will be used and passed down from generation to generation. Having handled his work, he has accomplished his goal.

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