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Blade Magazine Jan. 2022 Custom knife Field Editor Les Robertson Tactical Fixed Blades Reemerge

Blade Magazine Jan. 2022 Les Robertson Custom Knife Field Editor pages 32-36

Never gone completely, it’s just been overshadowed–until NOW!

No matter what the product is, it goes through a product life cycle. Development, introduction, growth, maturity, saturation/decline. This applies to custom knife market sectors as well. Most recently we have seen this in the tactical folder market between 2010 and 2018.

Such is the cyclical nature of custom knives and the markets they can be found in. As one market goes into decline others come to the forefront. This is not to say that the market goes away, it just cools off. For those of you who were around in the mid to late 1990s, you know that the “experts” sounded the death knell for tactical folders. LOL

Once a market sector gets hot a large portion of the custom knife buying public wants to participate. Eventually, the law of supply and demand raises the prices to the point where very few can continue to participate. Remember, Collectors, collect! This will lead them to another market sector where for many the hunt for the next grail begins.

Today, we are seeing the beginning of the tactical fixed blade market re-emerge. While prices range from $200 to $5,000.00, most collectors will find a price point that fits their budget. Like the tactical folder market, new steels, handle materials, and construction techniques will be introduced. My article in the Jan. 2022 Blade Magazine discusses this at length. I would suggest if you think this is something that would interest you, pick up a copy of this issue.

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